Lending Rates

            Margin loans

            Truth-in-lending statement for margin loans: You will be charged interest on any credit extended to or maintained for you by Raymond James for the purpose of purchasing, carrying, or trading in any security or otherwise.

            Your particular rate will vary with the size of your average debit balance according to the following schedule:

            Debit Balance Annual Interest Rate
            $10 million and above Base Rate less 1.25%
            $5 million — $9,999,999.99 Base Rate less 1.00%
            $1 million — $4,999,999.99 Base Rate less 0.75%
            $500,000 — $999,999.99 Base Rate less 0.50%
            $250,000 — $499,999.99 Base Rate plus 0.25%
            $100,000 — $249,999.99 Base Rate plus 0.75%
            $50,000 — $99,999.99 Base Rate plus 1.50%
            $25,000 — $49,999.99 Base Rate plus 2.50%
            Under $25,000 Base Rate plus 2.75%

            Base Rate

            As of September 24, 2019, Base Rate equals 7.25%.

            Interest calculations

            We use the following three accumulators to calculate margin interest:

            • The number of days there is a debit in your account
            • The average of the debit balance for each day it is outstanding
            • The average of the prevailing margin interest rate charged on your debit balance for each day it is outstanding

            Security borrow fees for short sales

            Fees associated with borrowing securities to satisfy delivery requirements for short sales can vary greatly depending upon a number of factors. These fees may be charged during the duration of your borrow, and may be shared in part or in total by Raymond James.

            Please contact your financial advisor with any questions you may have.

            Additional lending rates

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